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University open days are always fun and exciting events. They’re your chance to see your educational future in person and get to know the place you could be spending the next couple of years.

Of course, you might also feel a little nervous or intimidated by the prospect, especially if you’re travelling to another town or city for a university open day. That’s perfectly normal!

Thankfully, if you want some extra support on this step of your uni journey, parents and guardians are always welcome at open days.

Keep reading for more information on how your parents and guardians can help you make the most of the open day experience.

What is the purpose of open days?

Open days are fun, informative and guided tours of the learning spaces, environment and accommodations at university. They’re an important chance for you to experience the uni scene in person to help you decide where you want to study.

But beyond the tours and info, open days are all about getting you prepared and excited for life in higher education. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with teachers, supervisors and future fellow students alike. You’ll learn a whole lot more about your academic interests and where they could lead you in life.

Overall, open days are here to help you plot a path into your future. And that’s certainly something in which your loved ones can lend a supportive hand!

Should parents come to open days?

There are plenty of good reasons for your parents and guardians to come with you to university open days — and for more than just their own peace of mind!

They can also help you plan out your days, decide which tours and events to prioritise and be a useful sounding board for your thoughts or concerns. If you’d rather enjoy the open day tours on your own, you can organise to come to the university together and part ways when it’s time to go on a tour.

While it’s not essential for your parents or guardians to come with you to open days, they can be a great help with the trickier parts of organising your visit, like accommodation, food and travel.

What should parents ask at open days?

If your parents or guardians take the time to come to university open days with you, chances are they’ve got a couple of burning questions of their own. And while open days are the perfect opportunities to ask away, it’s important that you take the lead, while letting them play support. After all, you’re the one who should make the final decision!

Here are some useful questions for parents to consider asking:

  • Are there parking facilities and visiting hours for this college or residence?
  • What kinds of academic and social support do the faculties and colleges provide?
  • Are there any scholarships to apply for in this particular course?

More FAQs about parents coming to open days

Should I be relying on my parent’s support to visit open days?

Transitioning to uni life can be really difficult, so don’t feel bad for asking for a little extra support from your parents! They can be super helpful with transport, accommodation and help make the experience more comfortable.

Will my parents ask too many questions on open day?

It’s only natural for your parents to be extra-concerned when you’re making such a big step. Just make sure you have a conversation about how involved you would like them to be on the day.

Are there parent’s events on open days?

Yes! many universities do host parent information sessions. These can include info about social programs, student housing and fees, and help to inform them about how they can support your education.

Are there dress codes on university open days?

It’s uncommon for universities to have strict dress codes at all, least of all on open days. It’s a good idea to wear enclosed shoes and comfy clothes though. Check out this article for more info on how to prepare for open day.

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