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University open days are always an exciting thing to be part of. They’re your opportunity to get a taste of the uni scene for yourself and find out what higher education could be for you. But with so many tours, events, seminars and more on the table, you might not know where to start.

Here’s a list of 10 things everyone should do at a university open day to make the most of this exciting experience.

1. Get to the open day early

Arriving early at the university open day is always a good idea. Universities are often very big places, with a huge number of buildings, fields, streets, schools, colleges and more. Some are even like their own suburb!

Getting to an open day early means you can get oriented on the campus and figure out exactly where you need to be and when. It’ll also help you avoid the stress of rushing about to your next tour or seminar, too!

2. Ask questions and talk to people

The best and most valuable resources at any university are the people you’ll meet there. And open days are no exception! Make sure you talk to as many people as you can and ask any questions you’ve got about the university experience.

You’ll be there alongside a bunch of other prospective students, so you can even use the time to make some new friends.

3. See the amazing learning spaces for yourself

Universities offer quite different learning experiences than high school, and open days are the perfect opportunity to see where they all take place.

You’ll get the chance to personally tour world-class learning laboratories, lecture theatres, seminar rooms and presentation halls throughout the open days. After all, you’ll be spending plenty of time in these spaces, so it’s important to see them for yourself.

4. Find out about the clubs and societies on campus

For many uni students, some of their most fun and memorable experiences come from their time in student societies and clubs. They’re an essential part of the full university scene and can be great ways to meet people.

Most clubs are always looking for new members and love to advertise during open days, so keep an eye out and don’t be afraid to say hello.

5. Check out the amenities and sports facilities

Many universities also have sports facilities and gyms open to students. So if you like to get physical or you’re looking to join a team, it’s a good idea to find out where the facilities are located on campus. You can also use the opportunity to see the opening hours of amenities on campus and find out if you need to register or pay to join while you study.

6. Go on a tour of the campus grounds

An important part of getting to know your prospective uni campus is knowing how to get around. If you arrive early, don’t mind staying late or just have some time to kill between open day tours, take some time to explore the campus.

Bigger universities can be quite a maze if you’re new on the grounds, so you’ll be saving yourself some trouble later on down the line if you build a mental map of the campus. And, with plenty of historical buildings at some of the older universities in the country, there are always so many breathtaking sights to see!

7. Slow down and take it all in

With all the new and exciting experiences to enjoy at university open days, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. If you find yourself rushing between tours, talks and toilet breaks, it might be a good idea to slow down and take a breather. You’re likely to get more out of the experience if you take it steady rather than try to cram as much in as possible.

Many universities have multiple open days, so if you have the time, you could split your tour up over a few days to really get a comprehensive view of the uni scene.

8. Meet amazing teachers and researchers

As previously said, it’s the people that make university a truly special place. The people are undoubtedly going to have the biggest impact on your learning experience and your life moving forward.

Open days are your opportunity to meet some of the amazing people that make up the university, get to know their work and begin to imagine how you’ll interact with them as a student and classmate. 

9. Find out more about scholarships and bursaries

One thing that many prospective students don’t know is that there are tonnes of scholarships, prizes and bursaries that can help you pay for your studies and support you while you’re at university.

You can use open day tours and information sessions as your chance to find out more about applying for scholarships and save yourself a significant financial strain in the long run.

10. Explore the social spaces on campus

There’s a lot more to do at uni than just learning. Most universities will have a number of social spaces where you can meet people, gather with friends and enjoy a bunch of activities while you’re on campus. 

Some universities even have bars, cafes, restaurants and live music venues on campus, so you’ll never be short of something to do. Take some time during your open day to find out where these social spaces are located and where you can enjoy your time at uni.

Open Day FAQs

Should I attend open days alone or with my parents?

It can be a great idea to bring your parents along to open days! They can provide you with support, help with transport and make the experience more comfortable. Check out this helpful guide on bringing your parents to open day.

How should I prepare for open days?

There’s always a lot going on at university open days, so it pays to be prepared! You’ll want to wear comfy clothes, prepare questions and get to know your way around. This guide has all the info you need on getting prepped for open day.

How do I find more info about open day programs?

You can usually find a complete list of programs, tours and events on the website of your prospective university. This is also a good place to check if you need to register for open day as well!