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So, you’ve made the big decision to go ahead with tertiary studies at a university. The next item on the agenda is to figure out which universities and courses interest you the most. 

And that’s what open days are all about. They’re your chance to experience your future in person and give you the info you need to make your decision.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can prepare to make the most of your university open days.

Pick the universities that are right for you

Before you’re ready to start looking at university open days, it’s a good idea to narrow down the right universities for you. You’ll want to think about things like the location of the campus, admission requirements, religious affiliation and uni culture. 

Some universities are well-regarded in particular areas of study, so you’ll want to make sure your chosen universities have a solid offering for your interests.

Think about what you want to study

Most universities run a number of tours on open days, and these can include general tours of the uni grounds, amenities or student accommodation. But open day tours are also split up by subject areas and faculties, so it’s important that you think about which courses or subjects interest you to help you decide which tours to take.

Register for your open days and stay updated

Some universities ask prospective students to register their interest before attending open days. Registering your details means the uni can send you schedules, programs and updates for their open days. 

If your chosen universities don’t require you to register, make sure to keep an eye out for their open day mailing lists or programs so you can stay updated on the events and tours.

Go to as many open days as you can

While it’s important to narrow down your selection for universities as much as you can, you also don’t want to limit your options too much. When it comes to culture and environment, the best way to really understand your prospective university is to see it in person.

What to ask at a uni open day

While uni open days are held to answer a bunch of burning questions you might have about your future studies, it’s a good idea to come prepared with a couple of questions to ask the guides and faculty members on the day. And with so much going on during the tours, it’s an even better idea to write them down so you don’t forget!

Some useful questions are

  • What kinds of careers do graduates of this course get into?
  • Does this course offer work placement or industry training?
  • Are there any societies affiliated with this school or faculty?
  • Does this course include international study options?
  • What kind of academic support is available at the uni?

What to wear to an open day

What you wear on open day is completely up to you, but there are a couple of things to consider. You’ll want to be comfortable and confident because you’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking and meeting a bunch of people.

Certain learning spaces will also have minimum dress requirements as well, such as closed-toe shoes for chemistry and engineering labs. Good walking shoes are a must!

Check your transport options

Always plan ahead with your transport! With so many tours running throughout the open days, it’s important that you arrive on time and ready to go. 

If you’re visiting a city you’re unfamiliar with, take some time to look ahead at the public transport options to and from the uni and your stay, and whether you need a particular transit card. If you’re driving to the uni for open day, be sure to check out what parking is available ahead of time.

Open Day Preparation FAQs

Do I always have to register for an open day?

Some open days require attendees to register and others don’t. Make sure you check out your prospective uni’s website before the open day to make sure.

Where can I find programs and schedules for open days?

Check out your prospective university’s website to find out what tours and events are running and when. You can usually sign up to a mailing list for more open day information, straight to your inbox.

Should I bring a map to open day?

Physical maps are so last decade! That said, if you prefer the sturdiness of paper, or you’re worried about your phone battery dying on you, you can usually pick up a physical map from campus on the day.

How can I make the most of open day?

A little bit of preparation goes a long way in making open days the most fun, useful experience they can be. Here’s some great advice on what to do to make your open day amazing.

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